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Adyar Laptop Service has earned the reputation of being one of the most popular laptop service centers in Chennai.Skilled staff, advanced technical knowledge and dedicated services have been the key behind our success. BIOS passwords cannot be recovered or you have forgotten one of the passwords that is set in the BIOS. No worries we will help to unlock the Bios Password

A BIOS password can be reset by contacting the vendor for directions. Resets typically involve the use of backdoor BIOS passwords. These are passwords created by the BIOS manufacturer that will work no matter what password the user has set up. User-created passwords can sometimes be cleared by removing the CMOS battery or by using special BIOS password cracking software.

In some computers, a small battery attached to the motherboard maintains the memory when the computer is off. Because it provides an extra layer of security, a BIOS password can help prevent unauthorized use of a computer. A BIOS password can also be a liability, however, because if the computer owner forgets his password or a corporate user hands in his machine without disclosing the BIOS password, the computer will not boot up.

How To Recover Bios Password

If the keyboard type on your notebook is German ( QWERTZ ) or French ( AZERTY ), connect a USB keyboard with QWERTY type Restart your laptop before any password attempt Enter the password slowly. Pay attention to big and small letters. Rewrite the password identically, as we sent you on e–mail.

  • Sometimes the password has non alphanumeric characters like [ or ]
  • After entering your password, press the left Ctrl key and continue holding it, press Enter twice
  • If you have locked bios settings, don't press OK button. Always use CTRL + ENTER combination
  • If you failed for the first time to remove the password, restart your computer and try again.

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